About Us

Tri at Portugal is born from triathletes to triathletes, with the purpose of providing a family holiday experience to their sporting reality. We focus the organization of all the important and necessary logistics, for your family vacations or even for take-off and stay in competitions with which we have partnership.

Tri at Portugal intends to create a relationship of trust with its clients, which is guided not only by transparency, integrity and accuracy in the provision of its services, but also by the commitment to personalised monitoring of its clients, giving priority to their well-being, and never discarding the aspect of social and ecological responsibility.

Andreia Valério

She’s the person behind the project. Medium distance triathlete, is the main contact to schedule your vacation.

Nuno Santos

A medium distance triathlete, with a huge passion for cycling, who has been following since he was 12 years old.
He is one of our monitors who will guide you in your practice.

Vanessa Pereira

Our professional Ironman Triathlete.
Current national middle distance champion, a title she’s won five times.
Holder of the Ironman National Distance Record.
She was also a two-time finalist in the Ironman Long Distance World Championship in Hawaii.

Marco Silva

Personal Trainer specialized in Athletics, Cycling and Gymnasium, both as collective and individual sports.
Trail Athlete and Road Athletics, both long and short distances.
He is one of our monitors that will guide you in your training.